Corbels from The Clay Studio in Philadelphia Residency 2003 and The Archie Bray Residency 2002

Border Crossing, raku slabs; a depiction of the border fence or wall that runs along the Texas Border from the Gulf of Mexico to El Paso and on into New Mexico, Arizona and California People continue to climb the fence in search of a better life.  2014

La Familia Americana/A Family Album

In 2014 the number of unaccompanied children from Central America crossing the Rio Grande rose dramatically.   The continued debate about immigration continues. Many seem to forget that this country was settled by people searching for a better life. Today many are still dying in the desert after crossing the border illegally. This installation presents archival and contemporary photos of immigrants reprinted on porcelain tiles and presented as pages from a family album. #photoimagetransfer, 

"Sketches of Spain; Marking the Millennium" Installed at the Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, Montana in 1991 and   the Fetzer Center, Kalamazoo, Michigan 1993

Large Arch with Musicians Theme made at Banff Center for Creative Arts, 1993 in the Walter Phillips Collection at Banff.  

"As a nation we shared the heavy loss of civilian lives on September 11. We suffered grieffor months as search and rescue teams continued to filter through the debris looking forthe remains of the people who perished. I believe Mayor Giuliani expressed the magnitude of our loss in that every life, every person is a story. Every day more storiesappeared in the newspapers with photographs of people missing.

As an artist I searched for a way to express this. I have reproduced the image of a book 42 times in clay adding pages gently turning as if blown by the wind to reveal the story'sprogress. These stories were abruptly ended. These books have been burned as if censored. They tell a story illegible but symbolic of what has survived out of the ashes."

-Marcia Selsor

This has been exhibited in parts or as a whole at The Archie Bray Warehouse in 2002, Greenville, SC 2002, Hood College in Frederick, Md. 2003, The Toucan Gallery in Billings, MT in 2003, and the International Technology, Education and Commerce Center (ITECC) Grand Plaza in Brownsville, TX in 2011.

A 9/11 Remembrance; Every Life is a Book

Installations and Architectural Ceramics

Clockwise: Serpentine Bench with my classes at La Meridiana 2007 and  2008, Psychomacchia Door Surround 1997,

Avarice Capital, Columns with Capitals made at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia Residency in 2003