#Foil Saggar Firing

Pots are prepared with a smooth the surface, terra sigillatta applied, burnished and bisqued to ^09. Then, various salts are applied to the surface. Such chemicals include Ferric Chloride, Potassium Dichromate, Copper Sulphate, Iron Sulphate, table salt, epsom salts, miracle grow of various types. Saturated mix of 100 grams of chemical to 1 pint of hot water. Many of these chemicals are hazardous. Follow precaution according to MSDS. Use Nitril gloves and the correct respirator for vapors. Other combustibles can be added such as horse hair, wire, seaweed, lemon or orange peels. The pot and additives are wrapped like campfire potatoes using a double layer of heavy duty aluminum foil being careful to seal it tightly. Fire the kiln up to anywhere between 1200 F to 1450 F.  When you see the foil is dull rather than shiny, possibly puffed up, it is done. If you over fire the foil, the colors may be lost. You can re-apply the colorants and fire again.