The Diagonal Group Mural at

SiO2 outside Barcelona, made at El Torn during our symposium Sept. 2016

​​​​Previous Residencies, Symposia and Fulbrights

2018 Diagonal 11 International Artists Symposium, Woodfired Installation at La Meridiana, Italy
2016 Diagonal 11 with 10 other International Artists Symposium at El Torn, Barcelona, Spain
2015     Artist in Residence, CRETA-Rome Nov.4-Dec. 16, 2016
Artist in ResidenceVallauris, France Sept. 11-Oct. 19, 2012
Artist in Residence, Hui No’eau Arts Center, Makaweo, Maui, HI
Artist in Residence, Mary Anderson Center for Creative Arts, Mount St. Francis, Indiana
Artist in Residence, La Meridiana, Bagnano, Italy
Guest Resident Artist,The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, Pa.
Summer Resident Artist,Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, Montana,
Artist in Residence, Straumur Artists Commune, Hafnjorfordor, Iceland
1994 Fulbright Scholar, Tashkent Institute of the Arts , Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  taught Ceramics and World History of Ceramics, lectured at University of Bukhara,
Samarkand and the National Ceramics Educators Conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Artist in Residence,Banff Center for Creative Arts, Fall Semester, Banff, Alberta,Canada,
1993     International Ceramics Symposium, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Guest of the Uzbek Artists Union
International Ceramics Symposium, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Guest of the Uzbek Artists Union
1991     Symposium at Dzintari Artists Commune , Jurmala, Latvia, Guest of the Soviet Artists 
Union included Jack Troy, Dennis Parks, Don Bendel, Frank Boyden, Paula Rice,
  Georgette Zirbes, Barbara Brown, Vladimir Tsivin, Michael Kopolkav, Vladimir Goraslav,
  Sasha Zsidorin, Vladimir Petrov and more
1985-86 Fulbright Scholar, Research Post-Doc, Centro Agost. Researching Traditions of

Potters in 48 manufacturing centers in Spain
1971-72 Potter-in-Residence, The Grail, Cornwall-on-Hudson , NY 

My Raku Masters Class, AIR Vallauris, France 2012

Las Cruces Potters Guild Alternative Firing Sept. 2015

​​​If you would like to schedule a workshop, please contact me at 


 Potters Council In Tuscany V, Obvara Firing and

Throwing Demonstration at  La Meridiana, ITALY 2015

Obvara Workshop at CRETA in Roma, Italy Nov. 2015

About to demonstrate throwing a crackle surface during

the Alternative Firing Workshop at La Meridiana 2017 

Alternative Firing Techniques with the Scottish Potters Association , Kilmun, Scotland 2016

​Raku and Saggar Firing,  Hui no’eau Art Center, Makawao on Maui, HI​ 2009

Marci in Uzbek factory with her sculpture

"Up For Grabs" 1992

​​​​​​​​​Previous Workshop Presenter

2018   Alternative Firing Course Online at​ several times in 2018

2017   Alternative Firing Techniques with participants from Hong Kong, Scotland, Canada, US, Italy,  

                                   Switzerland at  La Meridiana, Bagnano, (Firenze) Italy

​2017   Alternative Firing Course Online at​ several times in 2017

2016   Alternative Firing Techniques online through  participants from Slovenia, US, UK, 

2016   Alternative Firing Processes: Obvara, Foil Saggar, Ceramic Saggar Horse hair and Feathers Scottish

             Potters Association, Kilmun, SCOTLAND

2016 Potters Council  Speaker and Demonstrator, El Torn, Barcelona SPAIN

2015 Alternative Firing Methods, Las Cruces Potters Guild and LC-SUNM , Las Cruces, NM

2015 Obvara Firing Workshop at CRETA Roma, ITALY

2015 Alternative Firing Method:Obvara Brackers Good Earth Clays, Lawrence. KS

2015 Obvara and Raku Dulce with Rosanna Antonetti Potters Council Tuscany V, La Meridiana, ITALY

2014 Architectural Ceramics, Shape,Paddle and Pasta! with Stephani Stephenson at LaMeridiana,  ITALY
2014 Potters Council In Tuscany IV, Obvara firing, June,  ITALY
2013 Potters Council In Tuscany III, Bucchero Firing and Demonstration June,  ITALY 
2013 Potters Council Alternative Firing Methods: Obvara and Horse Hair, Edina , MN
2012 Master Class in Raku, Image transfers, Instructor, Vallauris, FRANCE
2012 Cone 6 Reduction Firing, Corpus Christi Art Center, Corpus Christi, TX
2012 Potters Council In Tuscany II, Large Slab Demonstration October,  ITALY 
2011 Potters Council In Tuscany I, Large Slabs Demonstration June,  ITALY
2011 Tar Paper Forms and Large Slab building, Roswell Art Museum and Arts Center, Roswell, NM
2009 Large Slab Building techniques, Syracuse Ceramics Guild, Syracuse, NY
2009 Architectural Ceramics, Jackson Hole Art Center, Jackson, WY
2009 Raku, Jackson Hole Art Center,Jackson, WY
2009 Large Slab Building Techniques, Hui noeau Art Center, Maui, HI
2009 Raku and Saggar Firing, Hui no’eau Art Center, Makawao on Maui, HI
2008 Bird Baths with Large Slabs, Long Island Art League, Dix Hills, N.Y.
2008 South Texas Ceramics Showdown, Large Slabs Demo, TSC/UTPA McAllen and Edinburgh, TX
2007 Architectural Ceramics, La Meridiana, Certaldo, ITALY
2007 Architectural Ceramics, Potters Council ConferenceTerra Vista Studios, Cleveland, OH
2006 Raku Workshop, Carbon County Art Center, Red Lodge, MT
2005 Raku Workshop, Carbon County Art Center, Red Lodge, MT
2004 Raku Masters, with Steven Branfman, Linda and Charlie Riggs and me at Dan Finch Pottery, Bailey, NC
2003 Architectural Ceramics, University of Houston, Clear Lake, TX
2003 Architectural Ceramics, La Meridiana, Certaldo, ITALY
2003 Raku Workshop, Carbon County Art Guild and Gallery,  Red Lodge, MT

2003 Guest Artist, Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, PA
2003 Architectural Ceramics, Kelowna Clay Fest, Okhanagan University Gallery, Kelowna, B.C., CANADA
2002 Architectural Ceramics, La Meridiana, Certaldo, ITALY

2002 Workshop with Clinton Potters Guild, Clinton, NJ
2002 Architectural Ceramics, Hood College, Frederick, MD
2001 Architectural Ceramics, La Meridiana, Certaldo, ITALY (June)
2001 Architectural Ceramics, La Meridiana, Certaldo, ITALY (October)
2000 Architectural Ceramics, Appalachia Center for Crafts, Tennessee Tech, Smithville, TN
1999 Temperatura Baja Workshop, Centro Agost, Agost/Alicante SPAIN
1999 Raku Workshop, Sierra College, Incline Village, NV
1999 Montana Educators Association Conference, West High School, Billings, MT
1998 Soda Kiln Building Workshop, Centro Agost, Agost/Alicante SPAIN
1997 Raku Workshop, Custer County Heritage Center, Miles City, MT
1997 Paper Clay Workshop, Centro Agost, Agost/Alicante SPAIN
1996 Workshop: Raku y Escultura, Centro Agost/ Juan-Gilbert Instituto de Cultura Alicante, SPAIN
1996 Workshop: Flash Firing Workshop, La Crema Cooperativa , Sevilla, SPAIN

1993 Guest Artist, Stroganoff Art Institute, Moscow, RUSSIA

1993 Kids on Campus, Montana State University-Billings, MT

1992 Kids on Campus, Montana State University-Billings, MT
1987 Soda Kiln Building Workshop, Rock Springs, WY
1980 Kite Building Workshop, Molt Elementary School, Molt, MT

​1980 Extension Course Roosevelt School, Red Lodge, MT
1979 Kite Building Workshop, Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, MT
1980 Drawing Workshop, Crow  Reservation, Wyola, MT
1979 Drawing workshop, Crow Reservation , Wyola, MT

1979 Extension Course for Eastern Montana College, Red Lodge, MT
1974 Ceramics Workshop, Cheltenham Art Center, Cheltenham, PA
and numerous summer workshops at Montana State University-Billings including: Pit Firing, Tile Making, Soda Kiln Firing, Kiln Building, Using Local Clays,

The Barcelona Symposium at El Torn September 2016

(L) Marci stoking a fast Freddie in Latvia firing work for the future Eastern European show at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia during NCECA.(R) Don Bendel, Frank Boyden and Sapar playing "You Are My Sunshine" in far North Latvia 1991. I later taught with Sapar in Tashkent at the Institute of the Arts in 1994 during my Fulbright to Uzbekistan.


Right after installing our mural. This is 

Diagonal Group in our first symposium.